Wyndham Park Residents Association Limited




Roads and Drains


The Executive Committee seeks to ensure that the roads, surface water drains and trees are maintained routinely to an acceptable and safe standard within the practical financial limits of the company.  Exceptional and improvement works are referred to the membership for approval.





The Executive Committee endeavours to maintain them in a safe and serviceable condition in accordance with sound local authority practices.


We conduct:


· safety inspections which are used to detect major road defects and initiate repairs, to maintain appropriate standards to minimise risk to road users, 

 and to support defence against third party claims;


· long term repair and resurfacing works by maintaining appropriate contingency funds.

We encourage:


· adherence to the speed limit of 20mph.





The main foul drains, i.e. sewers, are owned and maintained by Welsh Water.  The laterals i.e. sewers that connect from individual properties to the main drains are the responsibility of the individual householders.

The Executive Committee endeavours to maintain the surface water drains and associated culverts in a safe and serviceable condition.


We conduct:


· routine inspections of the surface water drains, gully pots and associated covers;

· biannual sweeping of the road edges  to remove leaves and debris to coincide with water flushing and cleaning of the gulley pots.


We encourage:


· individual householders to clear leaves and associated debris from frontage of their property to reduce blockage of the gully pots.