Wyndham Park Residents Association Limited





Wyndham Park Residents Association Limited (The Association)


The role of the Association and its Executive Committee is to represent the interests of the residents of Wyndham Park and to preserve their quiet enjoyment of the estate through the maintenance and enhancement of its environment and facilities for the common good.  In particular, it seeks to ensure that the roads, trees and surface water drains are maintained to a reasonable and safe standard within practical financial limitations.  The funds of the limited company, raised by voluntary subscription, are devoted to these ends


Money is spent by the Association on the following:


  1. The maintenance, sweeping, and repair of roads.

  2. The regular clearing and maintenance of drains.

  3. The monitoring of the condition of trees, to maintain or fell them when necessary.  Replacement trees are provided and planted by the Association.

In these ways the Association has for many years been able to:


  • Uphold the rural character and beauty of the Park, making it such a desirable place to live;

  • Keep our facilities functioning adequately; and

  • Because it is managed by residents, keep subscriptions at a level below that of other residential areas of similar quality.


The Executive Committee hopes that all residents will play an active role in maintaining the ambience and quality of the Estate, observing the rules and guidelines that help this to be achieved.