Peterston Tennis & Sports Committee


A New Opportunity


There are three tennis courts and an associated club house located on the playing fields in the heart of Peterston-super-Ely, currently rented by the Peterston Lawn Tennis Club. The lease for the courts is due for renewal but they are in need of substantial renovation, including resurfacing and re-fencing.


A unique opportunity has therefore arisen to extend the use of the courts to include more clubs and more sports. It is hoped that this will make redevelopment more feasible and -more importantly - provide a fantastic opportunity to develop a wider range of both formal and informal sporting facilities. 


What is a MUGA?

Similar developments have become popular elsewhere throughout Wales the UK and are commonly known as Multi Use Games Areas or ‘MUGAs’ for short. The basic idea is to provide a cost effective way to meet the needs of multiple sports within one play area whether it is tennis, netball, football, hockey or basketball etc. 

The MUGA will be constructed by the Community Council using monies from grants, the tennis club and fundraising. 


Once built the MUGA will be leased to, managed and run by a newly formed Peterston Tennis and Sports Committee, which has been set up as a Charitable Trust. They will work directly with the existing sports clubs in the village and also encourage set up of new clubs. 



Developing the Project

Key aspects of the MUGA would  include:

    •       Provision of new MUGA fencing 

    •       Resurfacing using a cost-effective, durable, flexible surface type  

    •       Line configuration to include desired sports 

    •       Provision of floodlighting to provide a year-round facility 

    •       Additional equipment required such as netball posts, tennis nets, football goals


Additional equipment can be also be purchased to provide further facilities, such as cricket/bowls mats and outdoor table tennis. 

Useful Documents 

Draft Specification 

Light Spill Diagram

Also see the CC pages for mins of meetings discussing the MUGA


Update and Key Documents

The Welsh Government Rural Development Fund Grant has been approved.  The Sports Wales Grant has also been approved and work has started on the project. The contractor is South Wales Sports Grounds. 

Frequently Asked Questions about the MUGA in Peterston.  

Business Plan
-Draft business plan
- Appx1 -Memorial Fields
- Appx2- Tennis Club Lease
- Appx3- Community Q'aire
- Appx4-Consultation Report
- Appx5-PsE Primary Letter
-Appx 6
-Appx 7-TaSC-Draft Constitution
-Appx 8-Capital Project Cashflow
-Appx 9 -P & L Forecast