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Road Safety
M4:Airport Link

The key concern coming out of the Community consultation Questionnaire of 2017 was road safety through the village. 

The Council are therefore working with the VoG Council and the Police in order to try and put measures in place to improve road safety

A valuable part of this project is a Speedwatch group. This has been set up but if you would like to volunteer do contact the Clerk. 

Three members of the group meet once a week to do a survey.  The data is recorded to provide evidence of speeding 

The Council are also working with the Vale Council to get speed recording lines put in the village in order to provide further evidence. 

There is also a project investigating a fixed speed monitoring sign in the village and a 20mph zone. 

The Council are also reporting on the condition of the roads in order to encourage new white lines, pothole repair, resurfacing where required etc. 

The Phase 2 Consultation for this has now been closed. The Community submitted a response. 

CC Morgan and Jane Hutt AM have presented a petition against the road to the Vale Council. 

A representative from the Council along with CC Morgan has been attending all the meetings in regard to the proposed link from Jn 34 to Cardiff Airport.

There will be a number of consultations which we will advertise and encourage residents to attend.

CC Morgan has also tabled a question to the Vale Council regarding this matter.

''The Council and other agencies are reviewing proposals for improving the access from Junction 34 to Sycamore Cross on the A48 . Can the Council assure the residents of the villages of Pendoylan, Welsh St Donat’s and Peterston-super-Ely that careful consideration will be given to the effects of any  proposed works on  those communities and that any proposals will address the existing  problems of traffic congestion on the local roads serving those communities ?''

Formal Answer