Councillor Contacts

The Council always want to hear your views, ideas and issues.  Please contact the clerk, Tor Trundle by email (, on (01446) 624486 or at 10 Manor Park, Llantwit Major, CF61 1RS.  All formal council correspondence should go through the Clerk in the first instance.  The Councillor details can be found below:-
David Moody-Jones - Chair
Abi Phillips (co-opted) - Vice Chair
Diana Powell (co-opted)
Kate Hurley (co-opted)
David Field (co-opted)
John Drysdale (co-opted)
Huw Potter (co-opted)
David Jaques (co-opted)
Contact Details for each Councillor  can be found on the attached.
None of the Community Councillors have a political party affiliation.